The Drudge Report–Mikey Used To Like It…

What in the world happened to the once mighty ???

The Drudge Report used to be a place where “normal” people (you know who you are) could turn to for good information. But that was then and this is now. This, being  the era of society having been turned on its head. The Clintons and their comrades in corruption, who really got this rotten ball of leftist lunacy rolling, were formerly some of Matt Drudge’s most rabid antagonists. But these days a quick glance at Drudge’s headlines might cause one to believe that these former arch-enemies are now reading (and writing) from the same script. We can clearly see one thing in all this, and that is that the hatred of Donald Trump is so all-consuming for these people that they will cast aside all previously held principles and willingly dive into the depraved orgy of strange bedfellows uniting to destroy MAGA and its leader. 

No justice, no peace and no more Drudge Report…unless that is you’re into drag queen story hour, the Biden family (snap snap) and the other ad nauseam aspects of today’s truly sick society. But then again, maybe it’s not Matt Drudge that’s putting out the drivel these days at the Drudge Report?